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LabTech Nutraceutical is a sports nutrition, supplement and health products company focused on delivering high quality products to supplement retailers. LabTech products can be found in local sports nutrition shops, health stores, gyms and health clubs. At LabTech we understand and value the important role you play in the supplements industry and promoting the LabTech brand in your respective market.

LabTech was founded for the purpose of "Empowering Health". We believe in our products and the result it delivers for consumers around the world. We know what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive retail market and how important relationships are within your business.  

LabTech Promise! 

Products: At LabTech we are obsessed with delivering innovative premium products with the highest quality ingredients wrapped in clean and transparent labels. We want customers to come back to your store and purchase LabTech products again and again. 

Pricing: We believe label transparency, ingredient quality and product results play an important role in the pricing value equation. We understand the importance of delivering customer value and competitive margins for your business. We say win-win-win! 

Territory Exclusivity: We believe in the personal relationships and hard work it takes to build product and brand awareness within a market. When you do this with LabTech we want customers coming back to your store and purchase from your hard work. The value of territory exclusivity is immeasurable (80% of LabTech products). 

Marketing and Samples: We help you market and merchandise the LabTech brand to drive traffic and move our products. By the way samples sell products!   

Servicing: LabTech does business the right way! We understand the value of a satisfied customers! We understand satisfied customers refer other potential customers! When problems occur they get fixed. 

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